[Dubai Airport Show ] Making Dubai Airports Some of the Safest in the World

[Dubai Airport Show ] Making Dubai Airports Some of the Safest in the World

At the Airport Security Middle East conference on the second day of this year’s Dubai Airport Show (from 7th to 9th of May) it was announced that the aim at Dubai airports is to reduce human involvement in security as part of Dubai’s 10X initiative. As part of this strategy, it was announced that smart gates are going to replace passport control booths. These smart gates are exclusively modern and currently there are 122 of them. Dubai’s airports are working on different projects to allow passengers to travel in the least time possible, without skimping on security. The Dubai police plan to coordinate their human resources with their capabilities to ensure security at airports. The main challenges they face are landside security, cyber security and security checkpoints. It is important for police and airport security to work together and exchange information in order to reduce risk on all levels, and electronic systems and technology facilitate this collaboration. The directorate of the Dubai airports aims to have the UAE rated among the top countries in the world in terms of airport safety and security.

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