INTERVIEW. The Future of Singapore’s Changi Airport

For 6 years in a row, the Changi Airport in Singapore has been on the list of the World’s Best Airports, according to SKYTRAX rating, as they have continued to innovate and add modern amenities to their terminals. The latest one, Terminal 4, officially opened in October last year (watch video) while the Jewel is set to open in 2019. AeroExpo e-magazine caught up with Changi Airport’s CEO Lee Seow Hiang and Managing Director Jayson Goh in Singapore to speak about the future.

Interview by Vanessa Liwanag from Singapore

AeroExpo e-magazine: What are the priorities for the future of Changi Airport?

Hiang: Staying true to our customers. I think it’s an amazing time where technologies are available. Technologies give us new ways of understanding our customers in a very personalized intimate way and I always believe that the closer you get to customers, the more you can innovate and you can have more sources of information to serve them better. Aviation is already in the business of connecting lives, whether you are meeting someone or you are trying to connect for business and improving your business. So I am looking forward to exploiting those opportunities.

AeroExpo e-magazine: In the next 5 years, what are the technologies or amenities that you will be incorporating into the Changi Airport?

Hiang: For instance a project is coming up, The Jewel, which will be launched in 2019. It will be a very high-quality space where we bring communities together. There will be technologies facilitated and it will become part of the extension of an experience, of bringing communities together. We need a community to make an airport work, so we are in the business of building communities to start up with and there are so many ideas on how to bring that forward. Technologies and social media allow us to communicate and interact in ways that we did not have 10 years ago. So we are excited about these possibilities.

AeroExpo e-magazine: What changes will we see globally in the  future for airports?

Goh: I think that many airports will increasingly focus more on enhancing the experience of passengers. The airport is no longer just a station or bus stop, now airports are very important stopover points for passengers connecting across the world. So I think modern airports will try to enhance the amenities that will serve the passengers and serve as a meeting and a lifestyle location.

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